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Greetings, intros, thanks, other stuff

2015-08-12 21:03:47 by Andersam

Hello Newgrounds!

Call me Andersam. I'm a (somewhat decent) animation student who enjoys most stuff that nerds on the internet enjoy. 

First I wanna say thanks for the welcome my first game has gotten. I know its no magnum opus, but it means a lot to me that it was accepted. Thank you to everyone who has left a review and given me feedback on the game! It all makes me want to make Postal Machine 2 bigger, better, and more difficult!

Being on Newgrounds is a bit surreal for me because I'm finally doing something 13 year old me was terrified of doing. Makes you realize how far you've come when a few years ago you used this site to learn swear words and check to see if the next episode of Super Mario Bros Z had come out yet, and now here you are with a game of your own design accepted to the portal.

Thanks again for the welcome, and I hope you guys will stick around to see more of me!



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